25 Things that Life Counseling can Support You With

We all need help sometimes, and these are just some of the ways that Counseling can help.

  1. Improving your relationships of all kinds
  2. Help with decision making
  3. Support through life transitions like changing jobs, relocation and divorce
  4. Help in crisis situations
  5. Support for finding a partner and preparing for a relationship and/or marriage
  6. Discovering your own interests, talents and passions
  7. Living a happier life with more ease and peace
  8. Finding fulfillment in your work and daily life
  9. Overcoming difficulties with learning, concentration and motivation (for children and adults)
  10. Improving parenting skills and providing guidelines for positive and effective parenting
  11. Support for being a new mom or dad
  12. Support when your life partner is has a chronic or sever illness
  13. Overcoming resentments and finding peace with your parents
  14. Boosting your self esteem and self worth
  15. Decreasing anxiety and fear
  16. Help for coping with addictions in yourself or those around you
  17. Improved interpersonal communication skills including overcoming the fear of speaking in public
  18. Better connection with your true self
  19. Living a more truthful and authentic life
  20. Become kinder and more gentle with yourself
  21. Overcoming  emotional traumas
  22. Being less angry and frustrated in general
  23. Better connection with you kids
  24. Being more relaxed and calm
  25. Stronger connection with spirituality

Read more in the book “A Person-Centered Approach and the Rogerian Tradition: A Handbook