12ft.io Alternative

In late 2023 the paywall website 12ft.io was shut down.

Thankfully, the makers of 12ft.io immediately opened an alternative 1ft.io

What is A Paywall?

A paywall is a digital barrier or access restriction that prevents users from freely accessing online content, such as articles, videos, or other digital media, without payment or a subscription. It’s a common strategy used by content providers, including news websites, magazines, and streaming services, to monetize their content and generate revenue.

There are different types of paywalls:

  1. Hard Paywall: A hard paywall completely blocks access to content until users subscribe or make a payment. This model is often used by premium news outlets and subscription-based streaming services.
  2. Soft Paywall: A soft paywall allows limited access to content for free but restricts access to premium or in-depth content. Users can read a certain number of articles or watch a limited amount of video content before they are prompted to subscribe or make a payment.
  3. Metered Paywall: A metered paywall offers a set number of free articles or content views per month. Once users reach the limit, they are required to subscribe or pay for continued access. This model aims to strike a balance between free access and revenue generation.
  4. Freemium Model: In the freemium model, some content is available for free, while premium or exclusive content is behind a paywall. Users can choose to pay for access to the premium content.
  5. Dynamic Paywall: Some paywalls are dynamic and adjust access based on user behavior and engagement. For instance, a dynamic paywall may grant more access to users who engage with the site regularly.

Paywalls are used by content creators to support quality journalism, maintain the sustainability of digital media, and fund the production of high-quality content. However, they have also been a subject of debate, as they can limit access to information and content for users who may be unable or unwilling to pay.

It’s important to note that the specific implementation and restrictions of paywalls can vary from one website or service to another, and users often have choices between free and paid content or subscription levels.