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What is the difference between a Psychologist and a Counselor?

Psychologists are specialists in human behaviour, development and functioning. They have expertise in conducting research and applying research findings in order to reduce distress, address behaviour and psychological problems, and to promote mental health and rational behaviour in individuals and groups. Psychologists study for four years or more to understand the pathology of mental illness; generally however, psychology majors include at most only 2 units of counseling as electives. 

Counselors aim to work cooperatively with people to help them better cope with difficult life circumstances such as grief and loss, communication and relationships, work and career, stress, anxiety and depression, life transitions, parenting, self-esteem, spirituality and difficulties caused by addictions, trauma and abuse. A trained counselor has usually spent three or more years studying counseling at university, often at postgraduate level, or has an equivalent level of training in another accredited higher education institution.

Why come to a Counselor?

In a comfortable and safe environment, counseling focuses completely on you and provides an opportunity for you to talk to a professional therapist who will help you understand yourself and your situation. Understanding comes from reflecting on your life experiences and the way you respond to the changes that occur. Counselors  help you to not only find the individual solutions and life style changes that reduce distress, but also help you explore how you can progress towards living in a way that most supports mental well-being.