Friends.  Why do we have them?  Some people are very social animals and have lots of friends around all the time, other people are less social and have only a few close friendships.  Social interaction is part of what makes us mentally and physically healthy.  We have the power to choose our friends and who we allow into our lives.

Friendship can be linked to trust?  I believe so.  We may have many acquaintances in our lives, but true friends in general are people we can trust in one form or another.  Our friends often have some things in common with us, but for a good friendship, or any relationship, there is also some differences and we grow to accept or even appreciate those differences.

Some friendships last the test of time and are with us for life.  Some friendships are short and intense for a variety of reasons.  Either way; friends are an important part of our life for the time they are with us.  Friends allow us a person to ‘bounce things off’, have a complain (or a whinge) with, laugh at times when that was the last thing you wanted to do, cry at times when that was the last thing you wanted to do.  Socialising with other humans is an important element to our mental wellbeing; so… if you haven’t called  a friend for a while; try to make time to do it today!  He or she is a big part of our health care!

Read more in the book “The Business of Friendship: Making the Most of Our Relationships Where We Spend Most of Our Time

I said ‘bye bye for now’ to a dear friend today.  She has moved back to Adelaide after living with me for 8 months.  We have been best mates for 10 years.  She understands me and knows me well, knows all my secrets, yet she still likes me!!!! I appreciate that about her.  I intend to stay in contact through texting mostly, facebook and the occasional phone call.  I need her sane madness to keep the mad saneness at bay!!!!