Flip Chart Derogatory

A ‘Flip Chart’ is a standard large block of paper that is bound at the top, so that it may be flipped over like a regular sized pad. (see pic)

This humble piece of office equipment, which is mainly used for brainstorming and jotting down ideas was the center of controversy a few years ago.

Psychologist and author Dr Jordan Peterson, brought the issue to mainstream attention in his 2021 book “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life”.

Somebody had complained about the use of the word ‘flip’ as it was in some time used in negative reference to Filipino people (people from the country of The Philippines).

A 1998 Postcolonial Studies web article from Emory University by Reshmi Hebbar titled Filipino American Literature (referenced in the Wikipedia article on Anti-Filipino sentiment) says that:

“….American-born-Filipinos are referred to as ‘Flips,’ a term whose origins are unclear. The suggestion that this term comes from a World War II acronym for the phrase ‘f*cking little island people’ has caused some to shy away from the term. Others have reclaimed it and changed the acronym to mean ‘fine-looking island people.’ Others still find it more plausible that the term is just a shortening of ‘Filipino.’ ”

In addition, in the 1994 book by Marlene Caroselli titled Continuous Learning in Organizations on page 109:

“As a trainer, for example, I have been advised not to call the flipchart a flipchart because the word ‘flip’ is a derogatory reference to citizens of the Philippines.”

For some reason, though it does not seem to be offensive to say ‘flip a coin’ or ‘flip through the pages of a book’, or to ‘flip someone off’

In an increasingly divided and polarised world, people are people pushed into taking a stand for or against things that they may not even know much about. We recommend you educate yourself on the issues, pick your battles and try and listen and understand all points of view before articulating your opinion .

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