Difference Between Eidetic Memory And Photographic Memory

The human brain is a fascinating organ, capable of retaining and recalling vast amounts of information. When it comes to memory, two terms that are often used interchangeably are eidetic memory and photographic memory. While they may seem similar, there are significant differences between the two. In this article, we will explore the distinction between eidetic memory and photographic memory.


What is the Difference Between Eidetic Memory And Photographic Memory?

Eidetic Memory

Eidetic memory, also known as photographic memory, refers to the ability to recall an image with incredible detail after only a brief exposure to it. Those with eidetic memory can remember the image for an extended period, ranging from a few minutes to several years. They can mentally visualize the image and recall it with astonishing accuracy.

One of the most famous examples of eidetic memory is the Russian journalist Shereshevskii. He was known for his exceptional memory, capable of recalling entire books word-for-word, and even remembering events from his childhood in vivid detail. However, it is worth noting that individuals with eidetic memory are rare and that this ability is not something that can be learned or trained.

Photographic Memory

Photographic memory, on the other hand, is the ability to recall information that has been read or heard with remarkable accuracy. Those with photographic memory can visualize the information in their minds, making it easier to retain and recall. They can remember specific details such as dates, names, and numbers with remarkable accuracy.

While photographic memory is often associated with intelligence and genius, it is important to note that it is not necessarily linked to higher IQ levels. People with photographic memory can possess average or above-average intelligence, and the ability to recall information accurately does not necessarily translate into creativity or problem-solving skills.

The Differences

The primary difference between eidetic memory and photographic memory is the type of information that is remembered. While eidetic memory involves the recall of images with incredible accuracy, photographic memory involves the recall of information that has been read or heard. Additionally, photographic memory can be a learned skill, whereas eidetic memory is something that is believed to be innate and cannot be trained.

Another difference between the two is that individuals with eidetic memory can recall images for an extended period, while those with photographic memory may have more difficulty remembering information after a certain period.


In conclusion, while eidetic memory and photographic memory are often used interchangeably, they are two distinct abilities. Eidetic memory involves the recall of images with incredible accuracy after only a brief exposure, while photographic memory involves the recall of information that has been read or heard. While individuals with eidetic memory are rare, photographic memory can be a learned skill. Understanding the differences between these two abilities can help us appreciate the unique ways in which the human brain functions.

Eidetic Memory Definition

Everybody has utilization of eidetic memory to some extent. Eidetic memory is the capacity to see an item not long after you turn away. For a great many people, the picture endures only seconds or short of what one second. To find out about how well your cerebrum utilizes eidetic memory, take a gander at an article and shut your eyes, and perceive how long you can in any case see the item to your eye.

Eidetic memory is controlled fundamentally by the back parietal cortex of the parietal projection of the mind. This is the piece of the cerebrum through which visual upgrades are handled, and pictures held. For a great many people, these pictures are just held for a couple of brief seconds prior to being disposed of, or data handed-off to the transient memory.

Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory

There is an unmistakable distinction among eidetic and visual memory. Everybody has an eidetic memory. Notwithstanding, this memory endures short of what one second for a great many people, something like a couple of moments for other people. Visual memory is the capacity to review a picture any more period.

Barely any individuals have a really visual memory. Indeed, even individuals with a visual memory may not hold these recollections for a significant stretch. Most visual recollections just last a couple of months all things considered, as they are not transferred to long haul memory. With a visual memory, the eidetic memory is moved to the transient memory banks for capacity, permitting it to be reviewed a lot later.
The Debate About Photographic Memory

There has been a considerable amount of discussion in examination and brain research circles about the presence of visual memory. Numerous analysts accept that something like this is beyond the realm of possibilities. They contend that individuals who recall things plainly for a significant stretch are utilizing the more typical memory upgrades of affiliation or piecing. They accept that individuals don’t see the picture to their eye long after the occasion.

In truth, there is no proof that visual memory is conceivable. Notwithstanding, scientists are as yet concentrating regarding this situation, as there are individuals who guarantee to have this capacity. Eventually, the main individual who can say absolutely if they can see the picture to their eye is the individual being referred to.

There has additionally been a lot of discussion about what could make visual memory conceivable. One gathering of specialists concentrated on the diaries and chronicles of a few group, including Darwin, who professed to have visual recollections. Their investigations prompted an end that the capacity of visual memory is straightforwardly connected with knowledge.

In any case, one more review done about eidetic memory had inverse outcomes. The specialists tried three gatherings of fluctuating knowledge. The gathering of high knowledge and the gathering of normal insight showed no capacity to hold pictures for in excess of a couple of moments. In any case, the gathering of intellectually hindered subjects had the memorable option the pictures long after the occasion.

How Eidetic Memory Works

Eidetic memory is a transitory type of transient memory. At the point when you outwardly see something, it goes into your eidetic memory for seconds prior to being either disposed of or transferred to transient memory. Once in transient memory, it very well might be reviewed for days, weeks or months when it will be disposed of or transferred to long haul memory.

Regularly when data is transferred from eidetic memory to transient memory, it is handed-off as data as opposed to a genuine picture that you can find to your eye. For instance, you see your keys on the counter in passing, and later think that you want to track down your keys. You recall from your momentary memory that you saw them on the counter, yet you wouldn’t have the option to picture them there as obviously like you were checking them out.

How Might I Tell If I Have Eidetic Or Photographic Memory?
Ask A Board-Certified Psychology Expert.

How Photogenic Memory Works

Attractive memory works much in an unexpected way. With visual memory, the picture of the article is saved in present moment or long haul memory. The individual who has a visual memory can shut their eyes and see the item to their eye similarly as obviously as though they had snapped a picture, even days or weeks after they saw the article. This kind of memory is exceptionally interesting, and challenging to demonstrate.
Step by step instructions to Get Photographic Memory

Many individuals couldn’t want anything more than to have a visual memory. Not every person is equipped for getting a visual memory. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can do to work on your memory overall. There are likewise a couple of strategies for preparing your psyche to take and store those psychological photos for sometime later.

Working on General Memory

Probably everything thing you can manage to get a visual memory is to work on your memory overall. There are multiple ways that you can do this. Everything thing you can manage to further develop memory keeps your brain dynamic. Doing crossword puzzles and other psyche games will enormously assist you with preparing your memorable brain raw numbers, and ultimately maybe pictures.

One method for further developing memory is to prepare the brain to connect new data or pictures with different pictures or recently known data. Affiliations can be utilized to recollect almost anything, and it is a dependable method for ensuring that you remember something for longer than a couple of seconds. Involving affiliations or lumping data in the memory can enormously further develop your review capacity.

The Military Method

There is a strategy for going around for getting a visual memory called the tactical technique. It is said that the tactical purposes this strategy to prepare agents to have a visual memory. While there is no genuine proof regarding if it is valid, certain individuals have had some outcome in further developing memory with this technique.

Prior to beginning the tactical technique, you should submit yourself totally to the activity. This cycle will require about a month to finish, and you should do it consistently for it to work. Assuming you miss even one day of training, it can impair you essentially seven days in attempting to gain ground you are searching for.

To utilize this strategy, you will require a room that is totally dull and liberated from interruptions. You will likewise require a splendid light or light that can be turned on or off. An austere washroom or wardrobe with a roof light is a decent choice.

Get a piece of paper and cut an opening in it about the size of a passage on a page of anything book or archive you are attempting to remember. This way you ought to have the option to put the paper on the book or report and simply have the option to see each passage in turn.

Sit serenely in the little austere room you have picked. You ought to have the option to turn the light here and there effectively without getting up or moving around something over the top. Change the book or record so you can see it effectively and the words hop into center when you look at it easily. This distance might change from one individual to another in view of vision and eyewear.

Place the paper over the thing you are attempting to remember to show only one passage. Switch the light off and allow your eyes to change in accordance with the dim. Then, at that point, flip the light on briefly, take a gander at the section, and flip the light off once more. You ought to have a visual engraving of the picture before you, or have the option to see it to your eye. Whenever the picture scatters, rehash the interaction.

You will rehash this interaction until you recollect each word inaccurate request of the section. Doing this activity for around fifteen minutes of the day consistently for a month ought to assist you with working on your visual memory. Assuming you can’t recollect the whole passage following a month, you ought to have basically figured out how to retain a part of it and work on your overall memory.

Practice With Cards and Objects

Retaining a deck of cards or a gathering of items like dominos can assist you with working on your memory and train your memorable brain what it sees. Take a deck of cards, for example, UNO cards or playing a game of cards, and pick three cards haphazardly. Retain the cards, set them back in the deck, mix, and observe the cards you remembered, placing them in the request they were in when you remembered them. Every day you are effective add more cards until you can do the whole deck.

You can do exactly the same thing with dominos or different articles that are comparative yet divergent here and there. You essentially attract two or three a specific request, remember them in a specific order, and attempt to reproduce it over and over, each time with more dominos or articles.

Figure out how To Focus And Eliminate Distractions

Probably the most effective way to work on your capacity to review data and pictures is to zero in totally on the thing you are attempting to retain. Taking out interruptions while remembering pictures or data can significantly work on your capacity to store that data for sometime in the future.

Obviously, you will not generally have the option to wipe out interruptions when you need to retain something. There could be quite a few things happening around you, as well as commotion or individuals talking behind the scenes. To best recall data and pictures, you’ll should have the option to hyper-center around what it is you are attempting to retain. This can take a training to shut out interruptions when important to remember the data or pictures.

Food varieties That Boost Memory (omega 3s, espresso, eggs, celery)

A few food varieties can assist with helping your memory. Omega 3 unsaturated fats have been found in examinations to lessen the deficiency of memory. If you have any desire to keep a decent memory, ensure you are getting a lot of these either in an enhancement or through week after week dosages of salmon.

One more review by the Radiological Society of North America has shown that espresso further develops memory. A lot of espresso can be something awful, however having a morning cup or two of espresso can enormously further develop cerebrum capacity and memory review over the course of the day.

A few examinations additionally highlight choline as a memory supporter. You can track down choline in egg yolks, so eating an everyday portion of hardboiled or broiled eggs can incredibly assist you with helping your momentary memory limit. A high protein diet has likewise been connected to great memory. At last, luteolin has been found to work on momentary memory. You can track down that supplement in celery.

Where To Find Help

Assuming you observe that you are losing your memory or having an extremely challenging time recollecting things as a general rule, you could have to search out proficient assistance. All of the training on the planet won’t permit you to foster a visual memory assuming you have an ailment or confusion that influences your memory. On the off chance that you observe that you can’t recall things like you used to, visit a therapist for a memory test and further analysis.

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