Overcoming Negativity

We are all faced with negativity at some time or another in our lives. However, how we deal with it is something else entirely. Some of us seem to be able to shrug off negative thoughts and feelings while others can do nothing but brood over them and gradually let them severely affect their daily life.

Having a healthy emotional outlook can go a long way to how easy it is to overcome negativity. However in order to be able to help yourself and make changes to overcoming negativity there are several factors you can take into consideration. They all basically rely on you changing your emotional outlook and how you see a situation and what you do about that situation when it occurs. You can begin by analyzing those around you, for example your friends and workmates. Look for negativity in them and how they deal with it, when faced with it. This can tell you a lot about how different thoughts and feelings affect the mind and body.

When you are faced with a situation that is anything less than perfect begin to analyze your feelings preceding the event or situation. These are the feelings that surround you directly before you fall into negative thoughts and ideas. When you feel negative admit to yourself that during this stage of negativity you are holding yourself back and are not as productive as you are when in a positive frame of mind.

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A good strategy to learn and arm yourself with before any event that turns your thoughts and attitude towards a negative one is to develop an alternative way of thinking about things. Instead of seeing the unexpected as a disaster, then look at it as a challenge.

Realize that things don’t always go the way we want them to and they never will no matter how much we would like them too. Learn to accept that things happen and while there is nothing you can do to change this you can at least change the way you look at situations and deal with them.

Tell yourself that while right now things aren’t going how you would like them to go; this is only a temporary situation and a situation that will change with time. So just accept it for the time being and go on with your life as you would normally, but looking to a more positive future rather than facing the future with uncertainty and negativity.

Build up your self-esteem; if you have low self-esteem then you will tend to look towards the bad all the time. Use affirmations and positive self-talk to change how you think and feel about yourself and this can slowly help you to change a negative outlook into one which is more positive when faced with the unknown or a bad situation that would otherwise have you turning to negativity.

Try not to surround yourself with negativity this includes your workspace, the people around you and how you dress. Your environment can play a big role in a positive or negative attitude.

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