How personal success translates into relationship success

Success is hard to achieve whether it be your personal success or in your relationship, however developing your personal success is needed many times in order for you to be successful in your relationship. The more confident you are as an individual the easier it is to develop a long lasting relationship with someone and feel secure and make the relationship work.


Relationships need work from both parties and you have to know what the others needs are, however, before you can do this it is important to realize what you yourself are looking for both in life and in the relationship. Therefore, it is important to take a long deep look at yourself and to establish what it is you are wanting in your relationship and where you want it to go in the future. Only when you have worked out what it is you want can you possible hope to work with your partner and develop a successful relationship.

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Sitting down with your partner and finding what it they are looking for out of a relationship is the next step. Prioritize both of your hopes and dreams for the future in such things your careers, holidays and children and hopefully the two of you won’t be that far apart.

Providing you both have the same goals and achievements in mind success will be easy to gain, however if you both have totally different hopes and dreams for the future then your relationship is going to take a little more work. If for example one of you wants to have children a couple of years down the road and settle down while the other totally hates the idea of children and settling down and is looking to have fun vacationing, then deeper relationship problems will arise.

If this is the case then the future clearly needs dealing with together and for the two of you to hopefully come to some kind of arrangement regarding it. Most relationships can be very successful even if the both of you have totally different ideas about the future in the beginning, providing one partner doesn’t push the other into something which the clearly are not going to be happy with. A good and happy long lasting relationship is all about a little give and take, if one is taking more than the other than success has very little chance. However by compromising success can be gotten and the relationship can bloom deeper.

The ideal relationship would be where both partners are very safe and secure in the person that they are and are already successful in their personal life. However in the majority of relationships one partner is often more at ease with themselves and has more personal success with the other, only very rarely are you blessed to matched so perfectly. If this is the case then it is essential that you don’t give in to the other and just go along with what they want just for the sake of it, while the relationship can seem to go ok in the beginning a relationship such as this will not very often last the course and withstand the pressures that one partner will feel and so will eventually lead to break up.