How to Motivate Yourself and Stay Self Motivated

How to motivate yourself –The second quarter of the year is around the  and I can hear people saying things like “Oh it’s May this year is flying by, how time flies” .hhmm! I suppose time does fly and waits for none of us but then it begs the question what makes some of us feel anxious about it?  I guess I did too so quickly went back to review all I had written down at the beginning of the year to find out where I am with it.

To keep the flame burning we all need that element of motivation otherwise we mostly likely will forget, ignore or simply ditch our dreams, goals and or tasks which will take us to the next level.

When there is a problem the most sensibly thing to do is establish the root cause For some of us we may lose  motivation or lack self motivation  due to ….

  1. Lack of focus
  2. Lose of  interest
  3. Distraction
  4. Negative thoughts
  5. Unexplained events
  6. Lack of confidence
  7. Lack of direction
  8. Lack of systems

And the list could go on.

How to motivate yourself? Pay attention to the answers on the right


The key here is discipline and most of us are able to develop and integrate it into our life, of cause it can be painful making changes, breaking those habits in any way or manner but we can think of it as “good Pain”. Just think of all the benefits you will be ripping at the end of the day and that should keep you going. Here is an example I want to lose weight but cannot deal with the thoughts of cutting down on my sugar intake on the flipside once I lose weight I will feel more confident with plenty of energy. So while I am going through the pain of losing weight I focus on how good and confident I will be once this mission is completed.

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It may sound a bit crazy or rather  harsh  but it seems to work well, if anyone dear prevent you from breathing I bet you will fight with everything you have just for that  touch of air. We must to some extend develop this urge to stay motivated and fight our way right through until we attain our goal or dreams. The flipside here though is you do not want to end up physically drained so remember we have the option and choice to try different.   When interest starts to evaporate it’s worth sitting down to reflect on what’s going on around you i.e.  Are you hanging around with off-putting people?, is it that you just can’t get your head round things due to self  doubts?, are  you  too busy?  Can’t just see the point and keep making excuses. The key here on reflection is to finally ask yourself positive empowering questions those that will breeds solutions for instance; how can I prioritise my time? How can I develop more knowledge or skills? You get the gist?


We all have one thing or the other which may serve as a form of distraction, it’s sometimes is a part of us and we barely notice it. I give you an example most of my work is done on line but hey as you all know the internet has a billion things you can do on it some of which are not always productive i.e.  Games, videos and I sure you know the list could go on. So what’s the solution? I make a list of all the important things that needs to be done on a daily basis and work through it. Once I have complete my task I can now reward myself and that may mean watching a video or so online.


Negative thoughts are emotions that could drive an individual to the brink of despair. It can be characterised by unhappiness, depression, stagnancy, lack of confidence, low self esteem and many more .

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These are things we can’t help and perhaps beyond our control.. I have no real answers to this other than prayers, keeping in touch with your spiritual side to help lift you up so we don’t wallow in pain instead you come out stronger and motivated to capture the benefits of life.


Self-confidence is an important aspect of our everyday life. It gives us the ability and courage to face complex situations and basically do well in most things we embark upon. The beauty of being confident is that generally happiness, wellness and success are usually not far behind.


When we embark on a journey we generally have a sense of where we are going and how to get there otherwise we struggle or get lost and may completely abandon it. So why not make a plan? Each day it crucial to us all of which we should be grateful and most importantly maximize to our benefits.  Create a habit of making daily plans which will help move you in the directions of your dreams and most importantly action as many as you can. Setting up systems for this purpose is simply our ability to establish good habits by organising our life in such a manner that things runs effectively and essentially well.  For example make use of a daily “to do list”, consider time management , be aware of each decision you make daily, arrange/organise your environment so your daily plans run smoothly and finally review reorganise until you get results.

Conclusively how we think probably has a lot to do with our ability to staying motivated “If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad” ~ Denis Waitley . You have just worked so hard to attain results having gone through the above points the least you want is to dismiss that instead we want to rewards ourselves and keep the monument up to staying motivated. Good Luck